The Jordan World Circus

  • 33,000 miles of unrelenting cruelty
  • A history of abuse: USDA violations

The Jordan World Circus is the poster child of everything inherently cruel about the circus.

By the Jordan World Circus arrives in Yuma, it will have traveled over 33,000 miles criss-crossing the western United States, giving over 200 performances in over 100 cities. 33,000 miles is hard to visualize, so we've mapped it out. Unfortunately, the entire route exceeds the maximum number of data points Google Maps allows in a single map, so we had to create two!

Jordan World Circus expanded the map this year (hence their visit to Yuma being in November rather than September). For years their annual mileage was around 26,000 miles. The difference is that in previous years, they had a small Eastern Route made up of independent acts that would operate for a few months under the Jordan World Circus name. This year, the main circus went east for performances in Michigan and Toledo, Ohio. We are able to confirm this from s continuity of dates, local reporting and social media posts.

The Jordan World Circus doesn't want you to know how strenuous its schedule is. While they promote upcoming events on Facebook, they are quick to delete them a few days after the performance occured.

This map is incomplete. The Jordan World Circus does not promote all of its performances under their own name. At least one leg of its tour is billed solely as the Naja Shrine Circus. There are large gaps unfilled in addition the month and half break from early July to late August. We can only speculate how the animals spend these six weeks.

History of abuse



Pictures from 2010 performance in Yuma. The circus performed on September 25 last year, a day when temperatures soared to 108 degrees. These pictures were taken hours before the performance. Neither one of these trailers were equipped with air-conditioning.

Elephants in trailer Elephants in trailer 2 Big cats