Like animals? Don't go to the circus!

About the Jordan World Circus

The Jordan World Circus is the poster child of everything inherently cruel about the circus.

By the time the western tour of the Jordan World Circus arrives in Yuma, it will have traveled over 26,000 miles criss-crossing the western United States, giving over 200 performances in over 100 cities.

The circus no longer owns its own animals (see "USDA Citations" below), but rather rents their animals from other companies and circuses, many of whom have been exposed for heinous violations of animal welfare and subject to undercover exposes showing rampant abuse.

USDA Citations

The Jordan World Circus has found a way to circumvent USDA inspections by no longer owning the animals they perform with. Instead, they lease the animals from other companies and circuses such as the notorious Hawthorne. Prior to 1999, however, they owned their own animals and were subject to USDA violations. Below is a list of specific violations obtained by a FOIA request.


Pictures from 2010 performance in Yuma. The circus performed on September 25 last year, a day when temperatures soared to 108 degrees. These pictures were taken hours before the performance. Neither one of these trailers were equipped with air-conditioning.

Elephants in trailer Elephants in trailer 2 Big cats

Footage OF 2009 Jordan World Circus performances in Scottsdale.

This is footage of the sad elephants of the Jordan World Circus taken while they waited to perform. While there is no abhorrent cruelty (as can be seen on our video page), it gives you a good idea of how miserable life is for them in the circus.