Like animals? Don't go to the circus!

Your two hours of entertainment is their lifetime of misery.

By the time the Jordan World Circus arrives in Yuma, it will have traveled 30,000 miles so far this year, giving at least 200 performances in 100 cities.

The ASPCA and theHSUS agree: circuses with wild animals are inherently cruel. Elephants, tigers and other wild animals spend their entire lives chained, caged, being beaten into submission and forced to perform unnatural tricks in front of an unsuspecting public. Video evidence of this cruelty is overwhelming.

Elephants with the Jordan World Circus in Yuma.
Tigers travel across the country in small cages on the undercarriage of the semi-trailer.

Introduction to circus cruelty

Watch elephants perform with the JWC

The Bullhook

What does it take to take the wild out of wild animals? Animals are regularly beaten and terrorized to force them to perform unnatural tricks on cue for an unsuspecting viewing public.

You'll never see an elephant handler without a bullhook, a metal club with a sharp metal hook used to beat, hit, and poke the animals, especially when they are young, to break them and to make sure that they perform as required.

Hours and hours of video document how elephants are taught to live in constant fear of the bullhook; the same bullhook elephant handlers carry during performances swinging back and forth nonchalantly.

The Jordan World Circus does not own any of its animals, but rather contracts with a third party. As stated in the above video, JWC often uses Carson and Barnes elephants in their acts.

Chained for life

The Jordan World Circus travels over 33,000 miles from late January to mid-November. Their three elephants are crammed into one semi-trailer, while the tigers travel in small crates in a second trailer.

A public danger

All the torture in the world cannot take the wild out of wild animals Dozens of incidents have been recorded of animals suddenly snapping, fighting back against their abusers or each other. These incidents put the public at risk of being caught in the path of a wild animal's rage.

Just last year, a Jordan World Circus elephant broke away from his handlers and attacked another elephant. These elephants gave rides to children later that day.

Out of Control - Abused Elephants Fighting in US Circus from Animal Defenders on Vimeo.


There's no excuse to go to the circus.

If your kid knew the truth
they wouldn't want to go

With the money you'll save by not going (and you will save a lot of money), you can do something else fun as a family. Or, you can take some of that money and buy them a game or toy.

An adult ticket is $18, children tickets are $16 (only two child can get in free per adult).


A terrible way
to see wild animals

There may have been a time when a circus may have represented the only exposure a child had to a wild animal. Today our children learn early in school, and through such programs as on Animal Planet and The Discovery Channel, that wild animals live complex and fascinating lives, and have natural instincts, developed over thousands of years. When kids see the negative messages circuses send, it completely contradicts these lessons.

The circus doesn't
benefit charity.

Circus proceeds do not go to the Shriners' Children Hospitals, but rather to the Shrine itself. According to the local Shriners website, "net proceeds from this activity are for the benefit of El Zaribah Shriners. Payments are not deductible as charitable donations."

Together, we can end circus suffering.

An hour of your time could change someone's mind

Please join us on Tuesday, September 18th, at 6:30 p.m. for our 12th annual Yuma Circus Protest against the Jordan World Circus, brought to town by the El Zaribah Shrine. We will be meeting in the vacant lot on the southwest corner of Avenue 2 1/2 E and Palo Verde, just outside of the Yuma County Fairgrounds. Demonstration signs will be provided for this peaceful protest.

Governments are banning animal circuses

An increased awareness of circus cruelty has led to a growing list of local governments, states, and countries around the world to ban or heavily restrict animal circuses.

Recent U.S. bans

Recent Global bans

  • 2018: Wales, Guatemala
  • 2017: India, Ireland, Italy, Scotland
  • 2015: Mexico, Netherlands, Romania

Other bans

California bans use of bullhooks

On August 31st, 2016, Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation outlawing the use of bullhooks in the circus.

NJ Bill Would Ban Elephants in Traveling Shows

A New Jersey State Senate Committee voted on Sept. 12 to recommend passage of a bill that would make New Jersey the first state in the U.S. to ban Elephants in Traveling Shows.

Watch this video before you go to the circus